Christmas passed

And so we are over the Christmas splurge. Phew. In fact it’s been rather pleasant this year. Just the three of us, cocooned in our house. We spent time making our tree. I got bored I have to admit so stopped perhaps prematurely. However lovely neighbour just suggested I could make it an annual project and add further loo roll tubes every year. I quite like that thought! Not just recycling but also reuse! It’s really light so didn’t need a huge amount to hold it, just three picture hooks at strategic places. You will see some of them are painted – this is with the left over tester pots we had in the house, but again I stopped early when my husband pointed out there wasn’t much point painting the outside as they would be stuck together šŸ˜¦ Did I feel a fool or what! Image


Our other bit of new decoration came courtesy of my son and mum. He was smashing the mince pie foils and my mum had a genius idea. Hang them up! Because they are so light it makes no difference to what you hang it from and they are lovely at reflecting off the light from the neighbouring light bulbs.

Kitchen Christmas decor

I used to be a Christmas Scrooge – some may think I still am. But slowly I have begin to enjoy it as a time to bring light into the darkness and to be grateful for what we have – love, peace, our health, our friends, our family. It’s a great way to bring to a close the year that has passed. Who knows where we will be next Christmas, carrying a plethora of loo inner tubes!