Does being at home 24/7 now count as Work because I have my own desk? I think so!

The rest of the family (my husband) was starting to get a bit annoyed about how I was taking over the kitchen table. All meals needed to be pre-empted by a mass tidy up of papers and paraphernalia that always ended up in the wrong order, food went cold, child got impatient etc etc. I needed my own work space.

I finally found what I wanted from a great local vintage dealer – Nina’s Apartment. It has been lounging in the spare room ever since with my best intentions to go up there every day to write and organise. However out of sight is out of mind so I pulled it out to actually use it and put it in our sitting room. Because it folds up I can hide all my papers away and it’s small enough not to intrude. I absolutely love the mix of textures and the quite by accident colour scheme. The cherry on top of course is that I am actually getting down to more writing. Maybe not every day but a lot more often than before.

ImageNow for a bit more detail on the individual bits:

  • The chair was found in the attic of a local cafe – the Black Faced Sheep in Aboyne. We bought it and 5 other chairs a year ago and I still need to repair the seats!
  • The Nigerian fabric was a wedding present – thanks Sikes and Sue-Anne. 
  • The wooden vase was also a present, bought from a fab Danish company with high environmental interests but whose name I have forgotten. I’ve put a beaded flower from South Africa in it to remind me of the heat and light.
  • The vintage Japanese doll on the left was another present from lovely Thea bought at a car boot sale in Japan.
  • We bought the light in Singapore when visiting friends on our honeymoon. It is apparently made with eco-credentials but the jury is still out on whether that was sales patter or not. It certainly worked though!
  • And finally the picture – it’s a poster from our visit to the Carnaval de Binche in 2005. What a great day! It’s a UNESCO World Heritage event where people wear amazing feathered hats and throw clementines at each other. If you are in Belgium – go!


My little space is a constant source of inspiration for many things. What strikes me writing this today though is making a space work takes time and will be all the better for it if you are patient. Use your history to forge your present.

Author: Burmieston Farm and Steading

I live in Scotland with my husband, sons, mum and dog. We have a small bit of land with geese, sheep and chickens and a farm building we have renovated into accommodation. I don't like doing things just because that's how they have always been done, particularly if they have negative impacts on the wiser environment. I firmly believe in the ecology of life - we and all of creation are all connected. We have to be conscious of our actions. This blog is about giving alternatives to the accepted way of doing things when it comes to interiors and building. I'm not particularly handy so the solutions have to involve other people who may not have the same ideas. But that's a plus because I'm out to find solutions everyone can use and integrate into whatever your 'normal' is.

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