Greenwash Dishwash! (With an update below)

Apologies but this is a bit of a rant. Yet, that was one of the points of this blog to discuss the good and the bad ‘green’ stuff. So today it’s about dishwasher powder.


Boring subject yes but how maddening is it to find your supposedly clean crockery is still dirty!!!!! Washing dishes using your dishwasher is supposed to be the greenest option. I went out my way to find a particularly green dishwasher. It was at the top of my budget but I chose the Bosch Aquastar 6.5l because it uses less water than others and its energy use is rated as A++. They claim that I would use 49litres of water to wash the same load by hand – the machine only uses 6.5l on the ecowash. We have had it for 3 years now and it hasn’t provided any problems.

But of course it will only work as well as the powder/tablets we put inside it. So today I am naming bioD dishwasher powder as needing ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT! I originally bought the tub because I liked the fact I wouldn’t be left with those little plastic wrappers and I could reuse the tub. We use other products from the range without too much complaint. But after trying all the different wash cycles on our machine, the tub is going to go to the back of the under sink cupboard to fester until we run out of anything else.

So there it is, rant over. If anyone has any suggestions for what they use successfully, they are gratefully appreciated. I’m now back on Planet Clean’s dishwasher tablets with those irritating plastic wrappers.

x Happy greening!

PS Neither picture is of my stuff! Thanks to and



Well I think I have found an alternative – dishwashing GEL. It is packaged in typical PET plastic so easily recyclable and it does work. After always ordering a normal bottle size (it’s not available from any local store) we have just had delivery of a big 5l container promising 300 washes. We have tried a couple of makes and they are generally great so do try. Have a look at


Author: Burmieston Farm and Steading

I live in Scotland with my husband, son and dog. We have a small bit of land with geese and chickens and a large derelict farm building we are slowly renovating into accommodation. I don't like doing things just because that's how they have always been done, particularly if they have negative impacts on the wiser environment. I firmly believe in the ecology of life - we and all of creation are all connected. We have to be conscious of our actions. This blog is about giving alternatives to the accepted way of doing things when it comes to interiors and building. I'm not particularly handy so the solutions have to involve other people who may not have the same ideas. But that's a plus because I'm out to find solutions everyone can use and integrate into whatever your 'normal' is.

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