Pitter, patter, squall and ice

It’s pretty wet out there. We have sunshine too though reminding me to keep hope that warmer, drier days are around the corner. Mmmmm glass of chilled white wine while sitting on the garden bench late into the evening…….

But back to today. Have you got a water butt? Thinking about getting one? Or even another one? Well it’s time. There’s not much else to do in the garden at the moment and yes I know it’s not wonderfully pleasant to be out there in the swirling wind, but there will be a still if bitterly cold day so order/buy your water butt now and you will be all set to go when that pause arrives. Why do it now? Well you need to start collecting for those sun-kissed days, your containers (in and out) and all those seeds and plants under cover. According to Waterwise 85 000L of rain fall on our roofs every year (I am guessing that is limited to England and Wales?). If you live in a hard water area your plants will love you more for giving them rain water, and your car and windows will sparkle! Whatever type of water you have, your pocket will thank you for using rain water and most of all the planet will thank you. Think of all that energy that is used to pump water across the country!

On the topic of energy, spend some time thinking about what your water butt is made from. I have my eye on one made in the UK from recycled plastic. But you can also get them made from galvanized steel and others.

There are countless water butt stockists – try your own water company for special deals – it looks like English and Welsh companies have a deal with www.evengreener.com. They even have water butts that are also planters – great idea but it doesn’t look like they are made from recycled materials. In Scotland try Save Water. For both of these, they are better value if you want to buy two as a 190L works out at about £36 each. This means you can have one at the front of the house for the car, front windows and any front garden you may have, and another at the back of the house for the rest of the garden, containers, windows, cleaning bikes etc. Or you could just connect one to the other for double storage in one place such as off a shed roof close to your veg patch.

Rainwater Terrace 3 Tier

Yet B&Q appears to have the best deal – £35 for a 210L, made in the UK from recycled materials. This is what I will be getting.

If you insist on being stylish in a modern way try The Rain Drop Water butt

The Rain Drop Water Butt

or the Internet Gardener has a wide range including terracotta look-a-likes with planters on the top at £254.95 such as

Antique Plant Water Butt 90L - Garantia

I think their equally attractive Cascata 245L at £134 may be a better deal? But there are lots of other so have a look.

Cascata 245L Water Butt Barrel

Or if you can’t face spending a lot of cash or need your water to be mobile try the Wheelie Bin converter from Nigel’s Ecostore (love this shop).

 Wheelie Bin Water Butt Conversion Kit - view 2

So happy water collecting. Give yourself lots of green stars when it is attached. And double stars if there are more than one!

Author: Burmieston Farm and Steading

I live in Scotland with my husband, sons, mum and dog. We have a small bit of land with geese, sheep and chickens and a farm building we have renovated into accommodation. I don't like doing things just because that's how they have always been done, particularly if they have negative impacts on the wiser environment. I firmly believe in the ecology of life - we and all of creation are all connected. We have to be conscious of our actions. This blog is about giving alternatives to the accepted way of doing things when it comes to interiors and building. I'm not particularly handy so the solutions have to involve other people who may not have the same ideas. But that's a plus because I'm out to find solutions everyone can use and integrate into whatever your 'normal' is.

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