Taking back control

I went to a gathering today and I got cross about climate change. I seem to do that quite often. And then I went to another gathering at the same event and the speaker talked about frustration from feeling powerlessness. Bang. 1 and 1 made 2. I do feel absolutely ineffective as a person in stopping, halting even adapting to what is already happening and what will come. I know the science, I’ve changed all my light bulbs, I tried to be a vegetarian etc etc etc and it has made absolutely no difference to anything other than my son lambasting me for being so different from everyone else.

And then there was a suggestion – take back control. In terms of the planet that’s larger than me. But I’m starting to realise for some things it’s just too late. Carbon emissions are so high now that the worst scenarios mapped out in 2006 are probably going to happen. Of course we need to reduce things for beyond 2100. But I don’t have to be surprised by them. Rather than concentrating on my global frustration I need to make sure I am resilient for what is going to come right here whete I am. That means being part of a community, nurturing good self worth, having a variety of skills, recognising the minute changes to my immediate ecosystem so that I don’t get a shock when they all add up to a big change.

At the same festival an academic has started a project where he asks you to record a small area of space that you see regularly. My little island is shown in the photo. The project could be described as a combination of mindfulness and scientific study. I’ve done it perhaps 4 times since the festival. Not enough to claim it is a habit, but I do feel the peace of the activity, the recognition of playing my part and a rising connection with my immediate surroundings in a positive frame of mind. In fact they are all positive and rooted in emotion rather than rational, macro ideals. I’ll write more about the activity on my other blog on #Burmieston. 

 I can only hope that at Burmieston we will create a space for all our guests to feel some connection and thus respect for our planet.

Author: Burmieston Farm and Steading

I live in Scotland with my husband, sons, mum and dog. We have a small bit of land with geese, sheep and chickens and a farm building we have renovated into accommodation. I don't like doing things just because that's how they have always been done, particularly if they have negative impacts on the wiser environment. I firmly believe in the ecology of life - we and all of creation are all connected. We have to be conscious of our actions. This blog is about giving alternatives to the accepted way of doing things when it comes to interiors and building. I'm not particularly handy so the solutions have to involve other people who may not have the same ideas. But that's a plus because I'm out to find solutions everyone can use and integrate into whatever your 'normal' is.

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