Making our house a home

It has been two years since we moved into this house. The builders were still hammering down flooring and brushing away plaster dust but I thought it would be the only way to get them out if we came in. Little did I think it would then take 2 years to paint the walls. And to be honest there are still some to do. But at least it means we are now not so embarrassed to have people over. One, possibly quite obvious lesson learnt, is that to make a house a home it needs people. For some that could just be family, yet for me it means friends, wider family, potential new friends. We sat here for too long avoiding inviting people over because of the plaster board look that we had got so used to. What paint on the walls means, other than less plaster dust and a sense of care, is you can then put pictures up.

We love our pictures and have been collecting them from wherever we have been. Displaying them well is always a bit of a headache though until I read about using newspaper cutouts as templates and voila it seemed to go much more smoothly. Fewer holes made in our beautifully painted walls, fewer compromises agreed on because of just how easy it was to keep moving things around until they were just right.

It’s odd what makes a house a home. People, pictures, colour, a space to show memories and to make more. Certainly not things and hardly an exhaustive list. Yet perhaps one more – time. I honestly believe a home breathes, lives and thus changes over time. Our home will never be ‘finished’, in the same way our family and characters will change and never be done until its time to say a final good bye.