LEDs following trends

A few years ago I was dismayed to see low energy bulbs, including LEDs being sold on the same shelf in John Lewis as the uber trendy and very energy wasteful retro filaments. These are often hung many at a time for effect, none giving much light out just a lot of heat. Aesthetics were winning completely over function.

However I have just seen that Creative-Cables UK (whom I got got great copper coloured cords from last year) are now stocking curved filament LED bulbs combining both aesthetic and if not function, at least the energy requirement is so much less that the originals would be. Check them out!

Author: Burmieston Farm and Steading

I live in Scotland with my husband, sons, mum and dog. We have a small bit of land with geese, sheep and chickens and a farm building we have renovated into accommodation. I don't like doing things just because that's how they have always been done, particularly if they have negative impacts on the wiser environment. I firmly believe in the ecology of life - we and all of creation are all connected. We have to be conscious of our actions. This blog is about giving alternatives to the accepted way of doing things when it comes to interiors and building. I'm not particularly handy so the solutions have to involve other people who may not have the same ideas. But that's a plus because I'm out to find solutions everyone can use and integrate into whatever your 'normal' is.

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