New revolutions/ resolutions/ resurrections…..

It has been so long since I last posted that I had to resent my password. The Christmas fever has left the building, the new year is upon us and even the sales may be calming down. Even without a TV this past season has been relentless in the pursuit of sales. It has taken every bit of me to stop myself becoming a spending junkie, and I have slipped on the odd occasion.

What I am proud of though is our Christmas tree. Only three days to go until we take it down but this year’s attempt will hopefully survive until the next Christmas without much effort – it depends really whether or not the builder needs the bits of wood we pinched from his haul in the shed!


It has been one of the first times we have had a lot of useable wood lying around. Long thin pieces that could be easily nailed and painted. I was convinced the bag of Farrow & Ball tester pots I had moved with us would be useless (they are about 5 years old) but with a little shake of their rust lined tins the paint was perfect. I used a variety of oh-so-2014 grey shades and  washi tape interspersed to create interest. As I write this is all sounds a bit contrite but in fact I loved doing it and it looks nice and didn’t cost me or the planet a penny (in gold or carbon).

I tried to make a tree out of loo roll inners last year which was ok but not brilliant. Before that I’ve attempted basic to others but complicated to me things with wire and yet I have gone back to the tree, just an already dead, two dimensional version. Happy is me!

So my new year resolutions? Well I am bored of giving things up so instead I am going to do more stuff I like doing. Like writing (and yes I know I said that last year and before that….revolutions and resurrections…) and I am going to relish my version of creativity. We live so far away from anyone now it’s highly likely no-one else will ever get to see anything I do anyway!

PS Suggestion that occurred to me this year when writing thank yous – turn your received Christmas cards into postcards and use them!